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The CASALP agency offers a selection of two mandates tailored to your needs and requirements.

Our mandates allow you to choose the option that perfectly matches your needs, offering specific benefits and comprehensive support for a quick sale, at the best price, and in complete tranquility.

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Exclusive Mandate

Opting for an exclusive mandate with our real estate agency offers numerous decisive advantages.

Firstly, it means total and personalized attention: your property is not just another file among many, but an absolute priority. This translates into a tailor-made selling strategy designed to optimize the showcasing of your property.

Furthermore, our exclusive commitment promotes more dynamic negotiations, as potential buyers know they cannot go through another agency. This enhances the perceived value of your property. Finally, by entrusting us with exclusivity, you benefit from increased marketing consistency and targeted exposure on selected distribution channels for their effectiveness, thereby avoiding the risk of conflicting messages or overexposure that could detract from the attractiveness of your offer in the market.

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Simple Mandate

Choosing a simple mandate to sell your property provides you with a certain flexibility. You have the freedom to collaborate with multiple real estate agencies simultaneously, which can increase the visibility of your property on different networks and platforms. This method may be suitable for those who wish to be directly involved in the selling process, while benefiting from the expertise of various professionals in the field. However, each agency will have a distinct approach and strategy, and you will need to manage multiple contacts at once.

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