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Explore the medieval heritage of Sion and its Tourbillon Castle

Majestically perched on a rocky hill, the Château de Tourbillon overlooks the city of Sion, providing an enduring testament to the history of the Valais. Built in the 13th century, this historic monument served as both a defensive fortress and the residence of the Bishops of Sion. Its ruins, defiantly resisting the passage of time, continue to captivate visitors with medieval architecture and beautifully preserved frescoes adorning the walls of the chapel.

The ascent to the castle is an easily accessible stroll, marked by breathtaking views of the old town of Sion and the surrounding valleys. As one wanders through the remnants, the echo of knights' footsteps who once treaded these walls can almost be heard. Château de Tourbillon is not just a historical site; it is a true open book on the past, inviting history and culture enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the era of chivalry. It is a must-visit stop for anyone exploring the Valais, a place where history meets the natural beauty of Switzerland.


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