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International Alpine Horn Festival in Nendaz

July in Nendaz resonates with the melodious and ancestral sounds of the Alphorn during the annual festival that celebrates this iconic Swiss instrument. The event, held in the picturesque setting of this Valais commune, attracts musicians and alpine culture enthusiasts from around the world. For several days, folk tunes and vibrant harmonies fill the air, creating a unique atmosphere.

The festival is not only a showcase for impressive Alphorn performances; it is also a celebration of Swiss mountain culture. Visitors can immerse themselves in learning workshops, Alphorn-making demonstrations, and even friendly competitions where horn players vie for the title of the best performer. In addition to music, the festival features a traditional market where local artisans and producers showcase their creations and specialties. From fine charcuterie to aged cheeses, as well as wooden crafts and textiles, it's a perfect opportunity to discover regional craftsmanship.

For hikers and families, guided walks are organized through alpine landscapes, offering spectacular views and moments of camaraderie. Evenings are often crowned with folk group performances and open-air concerts, where the melodies of the Alphorn blend with the summer stars. The Nendaz Alphorn Festival is more than a musical event; it is a celebration of the Alpine spirit, a bridge between tradition and conviviality, and an invitation to experience the Swiss Alps with all the senses. As July unfolds, Nendaz comes to life, promising visitors an unforgettable experience where music echoes through the mountains.


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