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The Most Beautiful Hikes in Valais

Valais, with its majestic Alpine peaks and verdant valleys, is a paradise for hikers. Among the most beautiful hikes, the Tour du Mont-Blanc stands out, offering breathtaking panoramas of the highest peak in Europe. This hike traverses varied landscapes, from dense forests to flower-filled alpine meadows, and provides unforgettable views of glaciers and snow-capped peaks.

A must-do hike is the Chemin des Bisses, unique to Valais. These ancient irrigation channels offer relatively flat and accessible paths, perfect for a family day out. Le Bisse du Ro and Grand Bisse de Vex in particular are renowned for their magnificent views and fascinating history.

The Bisse de Vex hike in Nendaz offers an enchanting experience, combining history and nature. This tranquil route follows a traditional irrigation canal, offering spectacular views of the Valaisan mountains and green valleys, ideal for a peaceful family getaway.

For nature enthusiasts, the Chamonix-Zermatt Haute Route trail is a must. This multi-day trek connects two of the capitals of mountaineering, traversing some of the most spectacular landscapes in the Alps, with stops at welcoming mountain huts.

Hikers seeking challenges can tackle the Europaweg hike, one of the most impressive mountain trails in Europe, linking Grächen to Zermatt. This route offers stunning views of the Matterhorn massif and crosses the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge, the longest of its kind in the world.

Finally, the Saas-Fee region, dubbed the Pearl of the Alps, offers a multitude of trails with panoramas of 18 peaks over 4,000 meters. The glacier trail around Saas-Fee is particularly recommended for its striking views of glaciers and snow-covered peaks. These hikes, among many others in Valais, promise unforgettable experiences, immersed in the natural and wild beauty of the Swiss Alps.


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